Warrior Retreats Zip Lining experience


Peru offers you some of the most epic experiences on the planet. Warrior Retreats ties them all together: touring Machu Picchu, scaling Rainbow Mountain, hiking Inca Trails, riding ATVs through the Andes and climbing sheer rock faces are all included in this epic Peruvian adventure.

Humanitarian Work

One of the most transformative elements of the Warrior Retreats is the chance to volunteer your time and energy to help critically ill patients. For an entire day, you will be immersed into service while working with terminally ill children at several hospitals across Cusco.

Branden Collinsworth and sick child in Peru.

Workshops & Learning Series

Our goal is to equip you with the tools you need to flourish in all areas of life. Interactive, engaging workshops presented each day are designed to open your eyes to your own potential.  Study and collaboration with your fellow warriors will lead you deeper into your truth.


Peru is known as one of the culinary capitals of the world. This claim will be verified in two ways: through epic dinners served up at award winning restaurants and through intense cooking classes taught by some of the top chefs in Peru. Bring your appetite.

Warrior Retreats cuisine experience
Warrior Retreats workouts in the favellas of Cuzco, Peru


Want to practice yoga at the top of Machu Picchu? Workout in the colorful favelas of Cusco? On-site fitness, yoga and meditation classes will be a daily part of the retreat experience. All fitness levels welcome.


Every aspect of the retreat is intended to build connections. Peru is a country of layers. Each day is a new experience and you will dive deep into the history, cuisine, and sacred land marks of this beautiul country. All of which has made Peru one of the top travel destinations in the world.

Peruvian Culture


Branden has created a sacred and special addition for Warrior Retreats 6.

The Jungles are a special and sacred place, and nothing like anywhere you have ever visited. Swim with pink dolphins in the amazon river,learn from indigenous teachers and healers, and experience the spirit of the Amazon Jungle.


(Must be pay in full by August 30, 2021.)

December 2019's Warrior Retreats will be split into two components and have pricing for each part of the trip.

The Jungles: (November 30th - 5th) $1500

($500 of this will goes as a donation to the tribes and villages that we work within the Jungle)

The Retreat: (December 6th - 15th) $5500

We offer payment plans within the following terms and conditions: • In order to secure your spot on the retreat, there is a $500 non-refundable deposit. $500 is the minimum deposit accepted, however, you can enter a larger amount if you'd like to pay more towards your balance. •Your entire remaining balance is due on or before August 30th, 2019. Payments can be made on your own schedule using our online Make A Payment page or Venmo page (@IAMWARRIOR).
• Visit One of the World's Culinary Capitals • Farm-To-Table Dining Experiences • Award-Winning Restaurants • Culinary Class with Top Peruvian Chef • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snacks (Daily)
Workouts (all fitness levels welcome)
• Yoga at the Top of Machu Picchu • Workout Through the Favelas of Cusco • Fitness, Yoga & Meditation Classes • Learn from Nike Master Trainer, Branden Collinsworth
Workshops & Learning Series
• Learn the Tools You Need to Flourish in ALL Areas of Life • Dive Deeper into Your Truth • Daily Workshops: Humanitarian, Culinary, Spiritual, & More!
Humanitarian Work
• Help Terminally Ill Children at Multiple Hospitals in Cusco • All Packages Include Humanitarian Contributions • Provide Ensure to Nutrient-Deprived Children • Provide Life-Saving Medicine to Children with Leukemia • Humanitarian Workshop
Adventure & Activities
• Explore Machu Picchu • Hike Rainbow Mountain • Rock Climbing & Zip-Lining • Discover Historical Inca Trails • ATV Through the Andes Mountains
• Explore the Food, Festivals, People & Beautiful Terrain of Peru • Discover Cusco, Machu Picchu, Inca Ruins, & Rainbow Mountain • SO Much More!
This is not a yoga retreat. This is a WARRIOR'S retreat. If drinking Kombucha and lounging by the beach is what you are looking for, this retreat is not for you! We have one goal at Warrior Retreats: to help you step boldly into your greatness. This is achieved through one-of-a-kind rite of passage experiences that will catalyze your mind, body, and spirit, bringing you to new heights. You will be stretched! You will be pushed! You will be tested! We ask that all Warriors come to this retreat with an open mind, open heart, and an absolute willingness to go all-in. This year the retreat will be split into two components. The Jungles and The Retreat itself. Each portion of the retreat will have its individual costs associated with it. If you do not want to go to the Jungles that is okay, and you can plan for just the retreat. Please Note: Due to the nature of Warrior Retreats, we are adamant about keeping the experience pure and in alignment with our mission. If at any time a person becomes toxic to the group, we will arrange accommodations elsewhere and they will be removed without exceptions from the experience. Please understand all payments must be made by October 1, 2019, because of the nature of how busy Peru gets during this time. Reservations must be made and paid for months in advance to ensure availability. (This is a very important requirement) All payments made after August 30, 2021, will be non-refundable. All payments made prior to August 30, 2021, that wish to be refunded will be charged a $500 cancellation fee. The Jungles: (November 30th - 5th) $1500 The Retreat: (December 6th - 15th) $5500 - (Double Occupancy) If you are attending both the Jungle and the Retreat your total will be $7000 If you are ONLY attending Warrior Retreats your total will be $5500 Participants in the past have requested single occupancy rooms. You are more than welcome to do that. The approximate extra cost is anywhere from $50 to $100 extra a night. Rates vary depending on times of booking. Please speak with one of our consultants if you would like single occupancy. On average, it is approximately an additional $500 to $1,000.

Please note: All packages are for double-occupancy rooms..

If you have already placed your deposit and need to make a payment, you can do that here.
Robert Chandler at the top of Machu Picchu while on Warrior Retreats

“I decided to take part in Warrior Retreats 1 because I was at place in my life where I felt the need to seek something more than what I was surrounded by on a daily basis. I saw people who had so little and loved so much and when I re ected on my own life, I saw that I had so much and loved so little. I was truly awakened. Returning with Warrior Retreats 2 challenged me to go deeper in my self-discovery journey and showed me how could I be of service to the people of Peru. I learned more about human compassion than I could have ever imagined, showing me that helping others to see their self worth in life was my purpose. My biggest takeaway from both trips is that you can’t receive what you want until you give what you have.”

Robert Chandler
Antonia Aviles at the top of Sky Lodge in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

“This was so much more than a trip to another country for me. It was a journey deep into my mind, body, and soul. Everyday broke through yet another layer within myself as I discovered levels of inner strength, courage and commitment that I didn’t even realize lived inside of me already. I cleared so much emotionally and spiritually, which allowed me to return with a heart that was more open than ever, and a clear vision of my purpose in life. I am forever grateful for such an enriching experience.”

Antonia Aviles
Jordan Haines and her new best friend, Albert the Alpaca.

“My experience with Warrior Retreats was definitely one for the books! I was the youngest person of the tribe at 20 years old, as well as this was my first time traveling abroad. I was definitely uncomfortable and vulnerable but as Branden Collinsworth says, “it’s when you’re uncomfortable, you grow the most.” Warrior Retreats has jump-started my growth into becoming one bad ass warrior and I couldn’t re-create this experience if I tried. The emotional, spiritual, mental, & physical growth you see within yourself and your tribe is truly heart warming and incredible. The things that happen in those 8 days are mind altering and just more than anyone could ask for.”

Jordan Haines
Anthony Alegrete at the top of Cusco, Peru

I found my true purpose and passion on this Warrior Retreat trip. I am forever grateful and thankful to be around so many great and like minded individuals that were also on a path to finding their true calling. From the rich cultural experiences, to the beautiful sacred lands of Peru, and the emotional & spiritual growth I received on this trip I am now actively participating in helping to bring this experience to others. I joined the I Am Warrior project as a full-time participant.

Anthony Alegrete
Angel Escamilla

Warrior retreats is an experience filled with love, service, & pushing limits. From falling in love with the community to serving the less fortunate in hospitals and schools. I pushed my limits and helped others do the same. We arrived as a peer group and left as a tribe. Thank you Warrior Retreats!

Angel Escamilla
Celebrity Chef Stacey Dougan

For me, the true definition of a Warrior is someone who feels emotion, but has learned to navigate so that the outcome is simply a reflection of self mastery.  This is what I learned during my experience with Warrior Retreats.  Preparing for my first trip to Peru, I set the intention to open my love space.  I wanted to give more love, to receive more love and this is exactly what I accomplished.  More importantly, the friendships that were cultivated are the main reason why I recommend Warrior Retreats.  I shared stories, laughs, tears, joy and parts of myself that were vulnerable.

Stacey Dougan
Poonam Muta levitating at the top of Cusco, Peru

Over the last few years I have been struggling with what my purpose is in life and I didn’t seem to understand why I couldn’t figure it out. Warrior retreats allowed me to shed layer by layer, uncovering what was blocking me from tapping into my greatness and exposing who I really am before I was told who I was suppose to be. By being surrounded by inspiring individuals, consistently enduring physical challenges, embracing vulnerability in a foreign environment and digging to the greatest depths of my soul, Warrior Retreats gave me exactly what I needed, and more, in order to lead a fulfilling and authentic life.

Poonam Mati
Lora Singer peace and love.

My experience with warrior retreats was life changing in many ways. Peru exudes a special kind of magic, and the men, women and children all carried it in their hearts. They accepted me- a complete Stranger with open arms and a warm smile. The culture and simple way of living inspired me to live in a more meaningful and minimalist way. My time spent with terminally ill children truly opened my eyes to the injustices that I am not privy to witness in the United States and it made me realize how precious a human life truly is. I spent extended time in the rain forests of the Amazon where The energy was electric, magnetic, and took me to a trance. Come to Peru with no expectations and watch how your life changes forever.

Lora Singer
Charlene Rabena at Rainbow Mountain Peru

One of the things I wanted to do was travel on my own and meet amazing people who will push me beyond my limits. Warrior retreats did exactly that and so much more. We tapped into reality through the Peruvian culture & community work where we learned how important it is to be present and grateful for what we have in our lives and to not let fear hold us back from what we are meant to be in this world.  Warrior retreats was an eye opening and life changing experience. I am beyond blessed to have discovered myself in such a magical and spiritual place.

Charlene Rabena

Branden Collinsworth

Branden is an international human performance coach, entrepreneur, master trainer for Nike and has worked with some of the top names and brands on the planet. He has one mission: to help people step into their greatness and understand the power of compassion. On a trip to Peru in 2013, he fell in love with the many layers of Peruvian culture. Transformed, by its beauty, power, and it’s people, he was inspired to create Warrior Retreats. A one of a kind, warrior’s rite of passage experience that is designed to help people boldly step into their power. Branden understands that this mission is bigger than him, and with deep reverence he honors the gift that Peru has bestowed upon him.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

Global NIKE master trainer Branden Collinsworth
Are flights included in my WARRIOR RETREATS experience?

You are responsible for your own flight. Plan on booking at the minimum 45 days out. Any later and prices start going up.

Once in Lima how do I get to Cusco?

Once you get to Lima you will need to take another small flight to Cusco. This is usually 80 to 100 dollars each way. Our preferred airlines are Avianca or LATAM.

Peru uses military time when it comes to flights, so make sure you double check your flight time.

Once I pay, is my retreat refundable?

The $500 deposit to secure your spot is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another retreat date.

The rest of the retreat fee is refundable up to 60 days before retreat starts.

Please note: We understand that things happen. If something comes up, please let us know and we will do our best to work with you and find a solution that works for everyone.

Do I have my own room?

Our normal set up is 2 people to a room, but for an additional fee of $500, you can have a single room.

How can my family get ahold of me?

Most cell phone services work in Peru. They can also reach us at any time on our American phone number 1 (702) 592-9286. Most hotels have Wi-Fi. Our choice way to communicate back to the states is WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

What should or shouldn’t I pack?

After completing your payment to Warrior Retreats, you will be given a “Peru Survival” guide that will have all the information of the trip from A to Z. You can also visit our Amazon Affliate page with a list of items necessary for the trip.

When should I arrive and when does WARRIOR RETREATS end?

You must be in Cusco on Friday, December 6th by 1:00 PM.

The retreat will end the following Sunday, December 15th.

Many people choose to spend extra days in Peru and explore the Amazon, Lima and other parts of the country. This needs to be arranged by you, but we are more than happy to help you organize and set it up.

Will someone be there to pick me up and drop me off at airport?

Once in Cusco there will be a private driver waiting for you at the airport.

What does my fitness level need to be for this trip?

Warrior Retreats takes into consideration all fitness levels. Before coming you will be sent a plan to prepare you for the rigors of some of the activities.

Is Peru safe?

With over 5 million people traveling to Peru a year, it is a very safe country. Like any place in the world there are places that can be dangerous.

Cusco is known as the gateway to Machu Picchu and is very tourist friendly. You will be in a group a majority of the time.

Lima can be rough in some areas. If planning on going to Lima, stick to the tourist areas such as Mira Flores. Always use best judgment.

Can I use American money?

Yes. Most major credit cards work. Be sure to let your bank know you will be traveling.

Can you accommodate my diet?

We will be sending out a questionnaire to figure out what your diet consists of and can accommodate any and every dietary need or restrictions.

Do I need to get any vaccinations?

WARRIROR RETREATS takes place high in the mountains in Cusco and the Sacred Valley which means there are relatively few mosquitos and a very low risk of contracting any viruses.

If you plan on going to the jungles before or after WARRIOR RETREATS, let us know and will send you what you need to do to best prepare for the jungle.

Do I have to follow the WARRIOR RETREATS schedule?

This is your retreat, if you decide to do something else, or feel called in another direction, you are more than welcome to do so. Just let us know.

Will WARRIOR RETREATS be offering work with Peru’s native plant medicines?

Working with sacred plant medicines and the master healers of the jungles is an option in the jungle component of the retreat. Do to the deep nature of these mediums we are very selective about who we allow on this experince and who we open these doors up to.

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